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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  September 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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evidence markers litter a busy peninsula highway after a driver is shot at multiple times. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. what looked like a solo car accident now turned into a murder investigation. police are looking into a brazen shooting. debra villone is live. >> reporter: we're in a frontage road which just reopened after some six hours and just minutes ago, we watched as a flat bed tow truck
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pulled out of here carrying a car that you can see is shot full of bullet holes and it's windows shattered. crime technicians went over this car all evening searching for clues as to who opened fire on it and why. it's a 2009 dodge charger. most of it hidden in shrubbery after it swerved across lanes and slam into a construction fence along the freeway. >> another vehicle came alongside and began shooting at the charger. >> reporter: multiple shots that caused the driver to lose control. two men and a woman in the car. >> at least one person in the vehicle has been shot. all three were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> reporter: all southbound lanes of 101 were closed for about a half hour. and even when two of the lanes opened, traffic remained snarls. >> it may have started back as far as highway 92. >> reporter: the crime scene is
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strewn throughout a mile of freeway. bullet casings litter the road. it's unclear if it was a two way gun battle. >> we don't know if it's an exchange of gunfire. we don't know if it was only directed at the charging. we're still trying to piece it all together. >> reporter: and investigators don't have the description of the other car. they want to hear from drivers who were on the freeway. >> we are asking for anyone who saw any piece of this to call the belmont police department. >> reporter: investigators have not only been here through the evening but also at stanford medical center to interview the three victims. we do know two of them were conscious and talking to arriving paramedics. now on the busy stretch of freeway with bullets flying and a car swerving it's fortunate no one else was injured.
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we're live in san carlos, debra villalon. search crews are using special night time equipment to look for two fishermen who disappeared when their boat capsized. that accident happened around 10:30 this morning by pigeon point. matt keller spoke to the relative of one of the fishermen who is holding out hope that the two will be found alive. >> reporter: i just spoke to the coast guard and they told me the search is still going on tonight with the hopes of finding those two missing men. the lights from the coast guard helicopter illuminated the ocean water tonight with hopes of finding two missing men after their boat capsized near pigeon point. two other men made it to shore along with the missing men. one of the missing men is 46-
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year-old ping yao singh he left his home this morning for a fishing trip with friends leaving behind his wife. >> he's a good father, good husband and good son to the family. >> reporter: they say visibility was bad because of the fog but they don't know what caused the boat to overturn. >> he's not a very good swimmer but we still have hope that he's still alive. >> reporter: rescue crews are looking at a 40-mile square section of the san mateo coast. phing's family says they're not going to give up and they hope the coast guard will not either. >> i hope the coast guard will keep searching for my brother. >> reporter: a helicopter and c130 plane are being used tonight. the air search is expected to end at 5:00 in the morning.
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but a coast guard cutter is expected to search in the water indefinitely. matt keller. federal investigators are expected to arrive in vallejo this week to help investigate a fire at the law office of vallejo mayor davis. the fire was quote an act of domestic terrorism because davis is a high profile figure. the suspicious fire broke out yesterday at the building that davis shares with another building. a large brawl last night in san jose left a man fatally stabbed. the fight broke out this morning. when officered arrived they found a man suffering from stab wounds he was rushed to the hospital where he died. his name has not been released. the brawl reportedly involved as many as 30 people. new at 10:00 tonight, concord police say tonight's hot weather may have played a role in the death of an elderly
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woman who's body was found in an elementary school in pleasant hill. the 86-year-old woman who suffered from alzheimer's disease went missing from her adult health care facility in concord around 4:30. when she failed to return, they called authorities and began a search. police say high temperatures in the area might have been a factor. that heat will continue tomorrow and that means air quality here in the bay area is expected to be unhealthy prompting officials to declare a third straight spare the air day. just as they did today authorities are asking people to avoid driving or using gas powered bar-b-que and yard equipment. people are also being asked to take public transit or alternatives like car pools. tomorrow will be the tenth spare the air day of the
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season. as forecasted temperatures soar today. you can see readings ranging from the 70s from pacifica to the 80s today. 84degrees and a lot of neighborhoods back out into the 90s in santa rosa, concord, san jose. we do have one record to report, that's up in liver livermore they're breaking the old record of 99 set back in 1992. we have most of our cloud cover down to the south. we could have a patch or two develop. but for the most part with the lack of the marine layer, temperatures once again we're expecting another hot to warm day on monday. that spare the air day in place for monday. take a look at that big temperature range from the mid- 70s at the coast. the warmest locations inland approaching 100 to 101 degrees.
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coming up we'll let you know if any records will be dropping. ktvu's cara liu reports the city approved event turned into several calls to police. >> that was so fun. >> reporter: but not everyone was happy the rave went until 2:00 a.m. >> i was like when is this going to end. i was really, i was very angry. >> reporter: rena pavao says her house rattled and the noise was abnoxious. even though she lives two miles from. >> here at steve's home. it was a similar story. >> the medicine cabinet was
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shaking. you could hear the thumping pretty good. i was a little upset that it was an outdoor event that lasted until 2:00. if it was 11:00 it would have been okay. >> it's what young people want. it isn't going away. >> reporter: kevin wilkin is the event producer. >> it's as loud as an aircraft. >> reporter: he says their permit did not include noise restrictions. >> if you can put up once a year that would be gone. i promise not to do it every week. >> reporter: organizers tell me they were told to point the noise west so folks here in alameda likely got it the worse. a lot of people want it gone if not more control. the oakland alameda coliseum released a statement
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about the noise complaint it read in part. we apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience. to make sure this situation does not again occur, we're committing to take an over view of the commission. -- according to the chp the official trouble was reported around 7:00 at a residential area. not far from the 98th avenue off afterfrom southbound 880. authorities are not saying what leaked on to the road but said it presented a hazard so they shut down the ramp. it reopened a short time ago. pg & e crews are reportedly heading to that scene to assess the situation. the woman accused of killing michelle le is said to go to trial tomorrow. esteban faces murder charges in the death of le. esteban went to high school
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with in san diego with le. later she grew jealous of le blaming her for her failed relationship. goh pled not guilty to seven counts of murder. the charges include the special circumstance of committing multiple murder which makes goh eligible for the death penalty. the first presidential debate is just days away. why both sides of the political aisle say republican candidate mitt romney is ready to face president oe be ma. oracle's open world 2012 has kicked off.
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wants to build upon with chevron. >> we're urging chevron to help create a research campus in richmond most particularly at marina bay because that's where berkeley labs are coming in. >> reporter: tom butts says the idea is with lawrence berkeley labs and chevron marina bay could become a mayor green tech center instead of what it is. a collection of empty office buildings but says it would help the city and chevron. >> have a presence here in richmond beyond just refining. >> reporter: one significant tenant at the bay is chevron. chevron intended a major presence but that changed after a plan to modernize the refinery got stuck in the courts. in a written statement, chevron says it will not be in a position to make any addition
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long term investment decisions in richmond until the decision. it's taken significant steps to help improve richmond's economic future. as to what the council will introduce on tuesday, it's a nonbinding resolution with no incentives. there's some serious traffic troubles after a solo car accident. here's what it looked like from about 4:45 this afternoon to just about 6:30 on the northbound lanes approaching fruitvale avenue. someone hit the barrels on the side of the freeway flipping the car into the middle lane. the driver fled the scene on foot leaving the car and the traffic woes in his wake. in election 2012 news, mitt romney faces an uphill battle in the polls but there is wide agreement that he's going to do well on wednesday night's
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debate in denver. romney is concentrating on mock debates and drills. he flies to colorado tomorrow. republicans and democrats agree that romney is ready to go up against president obama. >> he's been through at least 20 debates in the course of the poi mare and newt gingrich himself -- at least 20 debates in the course of the -- >> he goes to the suburb of henderson to prep for the debate. and he will arrive in denver on wednesday. the candidates agreed to four debates in all and they're coming up quickly. you can see there's a debate almost every week. the first is on the third, there's another on the 15th and 22. let's take a look at the first debate that is going on in
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denver. that will be at the university of denver in colorado. domestic policy is the topic of this event. and let's look at the only vice presidential debate. there's a meeting in hofstra university in new york. that will be from undecided voters asking the candidates on different topics. the second will be in boca raton, florida. that will focus on libya. you can watch here wednesday night on ktvu channel 2 news. that debate begins at 6:00 p.m. president obama makes one fund raising visit next week. a week from monday he will host
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a dinner in san francisco. now to dine with the president will set you back $20,000 a plate. that campaign has not yet announced the musical guest. our election coverage continues at 10:30, we look at the proposition that eases the state's tough three strikes sentencing law. that if approved could lead to the release of thousands of inmates. san francisco mayor ed lee was on hand earlier this evening to kick off the 30th annual oracle open world user conference. larry ellison delivered the opening dress debuting new cloud computing products. 50,000 people are expected to attend the week long event at masconi center. the area around howard street is expected to be blocked and drivers will likely experience delays. the event is expected to bring
11:51 pm
in an influx of cash to retailers. >> it has a really huge impact to the city. i think it brings a lot of revenue and we're lucky to have it. >> reporter: open world runs through october 4th. more details now, tomorrow oracle president mark hurd is expected to hold a discussion on what's next for data bases. and larry ellison is expected to speak again on tuesday. this time on business information sharing. a fundraiser raised thousands of dollars for the family of a fallen chp officer. the fallen heros group organized the event in honor of officer kenyan youngstrom. the father of four was shot and killed. 150 people attended and they raised $3,500.
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a possible insider attack leads to a somber milestone in afghanistan. plus check this out. powerful winds take a vehicle for a ride. the damage in japan after a typhoon takes aim. >> the governor signs a new law that might reduce the life sentences of hundreds of inmates the criteria though [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. the power of nature is on display when winds from a typhoon pick up that suv and carry it across the parking lot. the typhoon hit southern and western japan injuring hundreds of people.
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it hit tokyo with gail wind. the typhoon later weakened to a tropical storm. a possible insider attack in afghanistan marks a sad milestone in the war and continuing tensions between the u.s. and the country it's supposed to be making secure. the attack erupted at a checkpoint in the wardeck prosense when a mortar exploded. an american soldier and a civilian were killed. three afghan troops died. the killing of the u.s. soldier raised the death toll to 3,000 american troops. in other news of the world tonight from iraq, conflicting reports on the number of dead following a series of car bomb attacks. the bbc reports at least 32 people were killed while the associated press says 26 died. the attacks primarily targeted shiites and computer personnel.
11:56 pm
the attacks follow the prison escape. attacks have escalated again since u.s. troops withdrew from the country last year. in somalia it appears fighters are fleeing their last stronghold city. ken yap troops moved in to kismaya early friday to push out the fighters linked to al- qaida -- ke nyan troops. african union troops have been working to clear the country of all the remaining fighters. and in lima peru a big day for pets and their owners as they received blessings outside st. francis of asisis.
11:57 pm
sniper lee boyd malvo said he felt like the worse piece of scum after shooting one of his victims. malvo made the comment. malvo was serving a life sentence. muhammad was executed in virginia in 2009. los angeles mayor villaraigosa tonight promised one of the busiest freeways will reopen in time for the morning commute. a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway was shut down on friday to demolish portions of the bridge to allow construction of an additional freeway. the event was billed as carmageddon 2. a sequel to last year's. well things have gotten pretty smoothly and demolition was finished today.
11:58 pm
the contractor faces fines of $263,000 an hour if it doesn't reopen by 5:00 a.m. a big ban is expected to take place in san francisco tomorrow. what shoppers need to know. >> the proposition on the november ballot that aims to change california's three strikes law. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu news to i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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our election 2012 coverage continues tonight with a look at an initiative that if approved will change the state's criminal justice system. rob roth looks at proposition 36 that takes aim at california's strict three
12:01 am
strikes law. here at san quentin prison. for these inmates it's three strikes and they're in for life. what you're seeing is a weekly group therapy program run by convicts called hope for three strikers. >> after my military stent i started using cocaine and it was all bad after that. >> reporter: these are just a few dozen of the 8,000 california inmates serving life sentences under three strikes a law approved by voters in 1994, but proposition 36 on this november's ballot would modify three strikes. it would require the third strike to be not just for any felony but for a violent or serious crime. if the measure passes some 3,000 three strikers could be released if the judge agrees. one of the odds of mcsween. his strikes one and two are for burglary, the third petty theft. >> i've learned, i want to live my life and i don't want to live it here.
12:02 am
i think i have too much to offer to society out there. >> reporter: michael romano is the coauthor of proposition 36. >> there's too many people that are clogging our prisons. >> we want somebody with a small drug possession arrest to go to prison for life. >> reporter: george gascon and the los angeles district attorney are among the minority of d.a.s supporting prop 36. many in law enforcement feel prop 36 is a dangerous idea. >> really, your rolling the dice when you shouldn't be. these people have gotten to the point now where they have not been able to really change their behavior substantially and you're creating a danger for the community. >> the proposition is also opposed by victim's rights
12:03 am
advocates including matt class who's daughter poly was kidnapped and murdered who became the face of three strikes. >> the whole idea that dangerous people that like to victimize other people will be back on the streets and then it becomes a threat to everybody. >> reporter: the office of the legislative analysts says proposition 36 would save about 70 to $90 million a year. but opponents argue that taxpayers would end up paying a lot more in many different ways. >> what is the cost of revictimmization? what is the cost of investigations, of arrest, of incarcerations for new offenses. that's what's not being calculated. >> no one who has ever committed a rape, murder or child molestation can benefit from proposition 36 no matter how minor their third strike crime. >> reporter: in san quentin, inmates can vote but they're
12:04 am
awaiting election day. mike irwin is serving life for two burglaries and a battery and believes that is too harsh. >> you're looking at a man speaking from his heart today that has changed. and would not be a threat to society in any form or fashion. >> how would we know you're not conning me? >> is all i can say just look into my heart, sir. >> reporter: at san quentin state prison, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a new law signed by governor jerry brown may reduce life sentences for hundreds of other inmates. the bill written by leland yee will look at inmates that were arrested as a teenager. more than 300 inmates are currently eligible for that reduction. another first for california with the state set to become the first to ban therapy that tries to turn gay or lesbian teens straight.
12:05 am
the governor announced today it has signed senate bill 1172. it is slated to go into effect january 1st. those who opposed the bill said they intend to seek a temporary injunction against the law. starting tomorrow in san francisco, you will need to bring your own bag or an extra dime or two to the store. the city's check out bag ordnance goes into effect monday. stores must give up plastic and offer paper or compostable bags instead. customers will have to pay 10- cents per bag and if they forget to bring their own. restaurants and bakeries are exempt from the law until next year. san francisco blue's fans got a treat today. you have to keep working on. the two day festival filled two blocks with music, food and a lot of fun. >> one happy festival going explains that listening to the blues is a different experience than having the blues. >> it makes you feel good,
12:06 am
happy. you know, content. being around good music and just enjoying everything. >> this is the third year for the event. lots of sunshine for san francisco. it was one for the record book. people around the bay area tried to beat ah.
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as we mentioned earlier, temperatures soared around the bay area. some people say they are enjoying this heat. >> reporter: with the sun beating down and temperatures shooting up, residents in livermore did what they could to keep cool. >> just go with it.
12:09 am
oh well i'm all wet, i'll dry out. >> reporter: the fountains a good way to keep the kids happy while the adults take a look at the nostalgia day. >> so far looks like we have a good crowd. >> we'll probably be heading inside or do something else. >> reporter: the record temperatures probably the start of indian summer. it should be a time of extra caution both in personal safety and fire safety. >> we have the hot dryweather. we're lucky we don't have the high winds. >> reporter: they ask people to protect their homes, be careful with their grill. they say when the temperatures go up, you have to stay cool. >> i'm trying to protect as much as i can. >> reporter: some are welcoming the warm weather. at the marina family fest in
12:10 am
san francisco. although it's fall, they took out their summer clothes. >> we're happy it's warm out. >> reporter: anne rubin, ktvu news. the fog finally cleared out of the bay area as a result those temperatures did warm up. and as a result the clearing of the moon out there. of course last night we had the full moon, the harvest moon. tonight the moon 95% full. and this was the scene from pescadero just beautiful out there with the beautiful skies. if you're looking for the fog it's down to the south approaching los angeles and santa barbara. we do have this, mostly clear skies. clearing the coast and even san francisco warming back up into the 80s. as far as current numbers it is still mild out there. right now it is 80 degrees, the 10:00 hour 80 degrees in
12:11 am
antioch. concord checking in 71. san jose the lower 70s right about 63. mostly clear sky, it's warm. tomorrow another hot day in the extended forecast. we do bring in a clearing trend but we're going to have to wait a couple of days before that moves in. first thing tomorrow morning, neighborhoods will be in the 50s to even the lower 60s to fairfield and livermore. mostly clear skies, a patchy coast. the key headline for tomorrow another day of warm to hot temperatures. approaching records probably not in santa rosa. you have to reach 102 degrees. san francisco back in 1980 was 97 degrees. oakland the mid-80s. livermore could come close though. high pressure has been strengthening, that coupled with the offshore winds really kicking in. so once again tomorrow, the
12:12 am
beaches in the 70s. temperatures inland for monday in the upper 90s to right about 100 degrees. we do have a few changes. cooling changes developing early in the week. we cool things off just a tiny bit on tuesday. minimal cooling on tuesday. that moves in for wednesday and into thursday. here's our forecast model. the clock ticks away here but you will notice not a lot happening with mostly clear skies out there. you can see the yellow link up with the 70s coast side. here we go with that red contour in the 90s and triple digit heat out toward livermore, forecasting temperatures at 100 degrees. santa rosa mid-90s. oakland in the mid-80s. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. look at all the triple digits in livermore and brentwood. downtown just beautiful tomorrow on the warm side low 80s but remember to drink lots of water and try to stay cool
12:13 am
as we head into monday. slightly cooler into tuesday. then we bring in more significant cooling maybe a few extra clouds for wednesday, thursday and friday. with your weekend always in view. we have one of the busiest weekends coming up with the play offs, baseball, fleet week, the niners back in town. looks like a cooling pattern coming up in the long range. what was grandma's cold remedy?
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we call this our mission.mpany, green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers had a week in youngs town ohio to think about their loss last sunday in minnesota. it was the new york jets who
12:16 am
felt the wrath of their frustration. 49ers unleashed the frustration. that's his first nfl score and 7-0, 49ers lead. 49 defense kept the heat on new york's mark sanchez all day. he fumbled once and was intercepted by patrick willis in the third quarter when it was still a 10-0 game. new york turned the ball over five times. still 10-0 when the nineers went on a fourth down play. jones finds the end zone. 17-0. it wasn't just sanchez who was smothered by the 49er defense. holmes slips and throws the ball right into the air. holmes had to be helped from the field. tonight it was reported that he hurt his foot.
12:17 am
aod -- another blow for a team that lost rivas. the 49ers completely dominant on all sides of the stat sheet. but this one stands out. they hold the jets to just four downs. 34-0 the worse shut out in new york since 1949. the 19ers improve to 3-1. >> i didn't know what to expect. we were very upset with ourselves. we had a great week in youngs town. and you know came out, obviously guys came out ready to play. like i said any time defense plays like that. it makes it easy on us. >> reporter: the raiders knew they were up against it today facing peyton manning in denver. they also knew they had to do some scoring to keep up. it was just 10-6 before the broncos went on a scoring spree in the third quarter. manning to decker along the sidelines. decker does the rest on a way
12:18 am
to a 17-yard play that made it 17-6. problems again for the raiders in the punting game. the broncos are in business at the oakland 18th. willis mcgahee capped off a very the áf short drive. the lead had grown to 24-6. then the 21 point quarter was finished when manning found lance coming out of the back field. the broncos reel off 27 straight points in the first half. the raiders fall to 1-3 after the 37-6. >> there's 60 something% -- percent on offense. we have the bye week coming up. we have to evaluate what we're doing. what we're doing personnel wise. we have to come up with a way
12:19 am
to play better. the other two teams in the afc west met today in kansas city. romeo cornell facing the chargers. matt casell with the -- they're on top of the division by one game over denver. brady in a panic. you can read his lips as to why he can't find his helmet. once he did he did all right. the patriots reeled five straight touchdowns. to lloyd to score. lyndon improved to 2-2. two members of the walsh coaching tree. the rams only touchdown came from field goal formation. hold every johnny hecker throws to danny amadola.
12:20 am
both teams 2-2 after the lead. the leader is arizona the cardinals got a field goal in overtime. arizona 4-0 a game up on the 3- 1, 49ers. another sign of how happy the regular refs are to be back. that's going to be a 85-yard return. they are 3-1 after this win. in other games the giants were short on the last play of the game. they fell to the eagles. the saints no good on a late turn. falcons are down. houston the only other undefeated team after handling tennessee. the oakland a's have three games left to play and they haven't yet clenched anything but they sure are getting close. fans actually figuring out there's something exciting
12:21 am
going on at the coliseum these days. a's got off to a good start. cespedes will come around to score to make it 1-0. the a's got two in the inning for a 2-0 lead. it was 2-2 in the eighth when cespedes struck again. it's a towerrering drive to left. it's gone. number 23 on the year for the oakland rookie. he was 3-4 on the day. the a's were in front 3-2 but there would be more. after brandon moss singled, off kenney. only question foul. redick has his 32nd of the year. the a's sweep the series with seattle. sean dolittl e gets the win. then the attention turns to what is happening in texas.
12:22 am
mike napoli did this. it's a three run homer his second of the game. the rangers get a split. losing the game but winning the night cap 8-7. what does it all mean? the a's are now three games in front of the rays and angels in the wild card race. that means their magic number is just one. the rangers, yankees and orioles all clench play off spots tonight. and oakland still arrived in the al game. texas to play beginning tomorrow night at the coliseum. the giants starting pitchers aren't making it easy on bruce bochy as he trys to set up his rotation for the play offs. houston street on in the ninth to try to nail a san diego win. with one out. pinch hitter xavier nadie that's homer number one. and josh with a long ball again
12:23 am
with the drive to center. giants win 7-5. they still don't know yet whether they will face cincinnati or washington in the play offs. still to come on this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the latest on nascar's race for the cup. and what looked ah.
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blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. the formula to win the ryder cup was simple. it wasn't so simple out on the course. mcilroy nearly missed his tee time. when it comes to mcilroy warming up is overrated. the chip goes, mcilroy on the
12:27 am
way to a 2-1 win over bradley. ian poles was on fire yesterday. he kept it going against simpson. you could say the europeans have the game going. lawry beat his opponent 5-3. it wasn't a clean sweep for the europeans, johnson would go on to beat nicholas. rose makes birdie at 17 to pull even with phil mickelson, he then birdies 18 to one up. and evened the whole competition at 11 each. it was 12-12 with furick. if it goes it's furick. he beats peter henson two up.
12:28 am
the match tied at 13. so it all came down to this. barton kimer makes his par put at 18 and edges steve stricker. an emotional moment for the europeans who were wearing a patch for rastiro. today's third race was at the circuit known as the monster mile in dover delaware. this one came down to fuel strategy with 11 laps left. leader kyle busch comes into the pit. with busch still in the fifth. hamlin comes and brad keselowski goes in front. keselowski decides to stay on the track. he had just enough fuel to win. and the second time in the chase. keselowski is the over all points leader by five over
12:29 am
jimmy johnson. here are the high school football games you will be voting on this week. it's foothill at delasalle, bishop odowd at encinal, menlo at wood saoáeud, antioch at deer valley, tennyson at alameda, saratoga at santa clara. vote and then we'll be there under the lights. have a good week everybody. >> very busy tonight. >> yeah we're the center of the universe in sports right now in the bay area. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news for the very latest on the search for those two missing fishermen in san mateo county. remember we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. have a good week everyone, thank you for joining us. and we'll see you back here next week.
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